The Truth Behind 5 Common Hair Myths

The Truth Behind 5 Common Hair Myths

You don’t wash your hair every day? Isn’t that kind of gross? Brushing your hair about 100 times a day is a good habit. I get a trim once a month because I heard it helps your hair grow faster. These comments regarding hair care are commonly discussed by girls and many consider them to be true. But what you may not realize is that many of these statements that people consider facts are actually myths. As I looked around online I came to realize that there are quite a few incorrect claims regarding hair care. Today I am here to clear up some hair myths that you may have been told. So let’s jump into debunking 5 popular hair care myths.

1.) MYTH: You need to wash your hair EVERY day

-You do NOT need to wash your hair every day.See the source image

There are multiple reasons why you should wait a day or 2 to wash your hair. One reason is because over washing your hair can drain it of natural oils resulting in more dry and brittle hair. It also causes your scalp to become drier which causes an increase in oil production for your hair. Due to the increase in oil, this causes your hair to become greasier more often. How often you should wash your hair varies person to person. Factors such as hair type or daily activities you are involved in such as sports or jobs may cause someone to wash their hair less or more often.




2.) MYTH: Split ends can be mended with the right products

-Split ends CANNOT be repaired by any products.See the source image

Split ends occur when the protective outer layer called the cuticle gets damaged from heat, chemicals, and everyday wear. Many companies sell shampoos and conditioners that claim they will repair your split ends. But the truth is, once a piece of hair splits the only way to fix it is to trim it off. Although split ends cannot be repaired there are still many ways you can prevent them from occurring. One helpful tip is to avoid using heat on your hair as much as possible. However if you do use heat make sure to use a product that protects your hair from the heat. Another tip is to use a leave in conditioner which can help strengthen and add shine to your hair. I recommend using Monat’s Restore Leave in Conditioner.



3.) MYTH: Trimming your hair frequently will make it grow faster

-Trimming your hair can help remove split See the source imageends, but it does NOT increase hair growth.

For quite a few years I believed this myth. Many people think that trimming off their unhealthy ends will cause the rest of their hair to be healthier, resulting in faster growth. Unfortunately this does not have an effect on hair growth because growth comes from the follicles in your scalp and not the ends of your hair. However it is not a bad habit to get the unhealthy ends of your hair trimmed often. One habit that can help with hair growth is eating the right foods. Foods such as eggs, salmon, and avocados can all help with hair growth and health.




4. ) MYTH: Brushing your hair often will make it healthier

-You should NOT over brush your hair.See the source image

Many people believe that brushing your hair 100 times before bed will make it healthier. But brushing your hair more than a few strokes can cause damage and make it greasier. Many people focus on brushing the ends of their hair more than the scalp area. However it is important to brush your scalp because it stimulates the hair follicles. Brushing your hair also helps distribute natural oils from the top of your head to the ends of your hair. By brushing your hair too often it came quickly become greasy because of a continual distribution of oils.


5.) MYTH: Towel drying your hair is the best way to go

-Towel drying can DAMAGE your hair.See the source image

Most people have been told that blow drying is bad for their hair, so instead they towel dry their hair. But towel drying can be damaging as well. When your hair is wet it becomes more fragile and more likely to fall out than dry hair. But many are not aware of this and end up aggressively drying their hair with a towel. Then they proceed to wrap their hair up in a towel on top of their head. This can be harmful for your hair because the heavy towel is now pulling on your hair and making it more susceptible to breakage. A better way to dry your hair with a towel is to pat it dry instead of roughing it up. Blow drying you hair with cold air instead of hot air is also a safer option.



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