Let’s Talk about Monat: Interview

Let’s Talk about Monat: Interview

Before I buy a product that I’ve never tried before, I like to get opinions from others. For example, before I buy a dress on Amazon I often scroll to the reviews section to see if others were satisfied. By reading these customers comments I can get a better idea if the product is good quality or a total rip off. This may be how you are feeling if you are considering making a first-time purchase from Monat. Questions such as “Am I going to regret spending so much? How is it any better than any other shampoos? And “Is this really worth my time?” may be popping up in your mind. Today I will be providing answers to those questions through an interview I did. This past week I interviewed my sister Anna Courtney who first introduced me to Monat products and is a market partner for the company. By sharing Anna’s own personal experience with Monat, I hope to answer some common questions and give you confidence in your decision to chose Monat.

Q/A Interview with Anna Courtney

QUESTION 1: When did you first hear about Monat?

Answer: I first hear about Monat through my brother in laws wife.

QUESTION 2: Why did you choose to try Monat?

Answer: I decided to try Monat because my scalp had become very dry. I also wanted longer hair at the time. Monat helped get rid of the dry flakiness on my scalp and added shine to my hair.

QUESTION 3: What made you choose Monat as your primary hair care product?

Answer: I chose Monat because I saw results with it and I liked the variety of products available to me. They have shampoos for fine hair, thick hair, coarse hair, curly hair, you name it! I also chose to become a market partner for Monat because I wanted to have a little side business besides my full time job. I wanted something fun to do.

QUESTION 4: What are the benefits of being a VIP for Monat?

Answer: One of the benefits of being a VIP is getting free “Only For You” products through flex ships. When you become a VIP you set up 3 specific dates where you will commit to making an order that must come to a specific total. These 3 dates are called flex ships. After the 3 orders you no longer have to set up pre-orders but will still get the benefits of being a VIP. Another benefit is as a VIP you get in on special deals Monat offers that aren’t available to retail customers. You also get free shipping on orders $84 and above and 15% off on products. So if you’re going to continue using Monat, it would be wise to be a VIP because then you can save money and earn free products.

QUESTION 5: What products do you most commonly use and why?

Answer: I like the renew shampoo the best along with the leave in conditioner because then I can get out of the shower quicker. I also really like the tousled texturizing mist because it gives some extra texture to my short hair and smells good as well.

QUESTION 6: Do you think Monat is worth the price?

Answer: Well, I’m a cheap person so obviously I wish it were cheaper. I think the price also effects first time buyers because people are afraid to commit to such a big price for something like shampoo. However, everyone who tries Monat loves it and doesn’t want to go back to their old shampoos. I have seen many results from Monat and it also lasts longer than regular shampoos. So yes, I would say it is worth the extra dollar.

QUESTION 7: What do you think makes Monat better than other naturally based products?

Answer: Monat has capixyl-red clover extract that helps hair grow thicker, longer, and reduces scalp inflammation. It also includes crodasorb which protects from the sun and preserves color. Monat has pea extract which helps prevent hair loss, protects against environmental stress on color and shine. Their products are also all naturally based, gluten free, and are free of salts, sulfates, and other chemicals.

QUESTION 8: What advice would you give to someone on the fence about using Monat products?

Answer: I would say to try it at least once. Even if you don’t stick with it, you will still be getting a detox from the use of it because Monat detoxes hair.

QUESTION 9: Where can people purchase Monat?

Answer: You can purchase Monat through a market partner which is someone who sells it. Monat is not offered in stores so you will need to go online to shop.

Monat Website: https://monatglobal.com/

Anna’s Market Partner ID to use at checkout: 2825503



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